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CNC Bending

NC Bending, NC Bending Machine, Hydraulic NC Bending
NC Bending, NC Bending Machine, Hydraulic NC Bending

We offer a wide range of CNC bending services to our customers using AMADA 3-AXIS, RG-80 and 5-AXIS PROTECH 250PBH for bending various size and thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 8mm thickness and length of 0.5mt to 4mts. CNC Bending is used for bending different metals of various sizes and thickness using numerical control with programmed commands. We do this CNC Bending with the help of our CNC bending machines. This machine can easily bend sheet metals, tubes, and pipes with high accuracy.

Our CNC bending machines can bend metals with accuracy greater than +/- 0. 05 degree and has the ability to bend MS, Gi, SS, tubes and Bars. Manual hydraulic adjusting valve is provided for our CNC bending machines to control the speed of bending motion. The bending angles can be specified properly for achieving accurate patterns. Our range of hydraulic CNC bending machines can efficiently handle complex bending sequences. The process of our CNC bending is well noticed by our experts to ensure quality and flawless products.

This CNC Bending is widely applicable for various industries like automobiles, equipment manufacturing industries etc. we ensure accurate dimensions of the CNC bending parts without damage and hence mainly work for gaining customer satisfaction. Our range of CNC bending services is widely appreciated by various industrial sectors for producing quality products and parts. We offer these services to our customers in different specifications of our customers and in affordable prices.

Features of our CNC Bending :
  • Bending facilities is provided based on the requirements.
  • Provides accurate dimensions.
  • Enhances quality NC bending parts.
  • Safe and fast operation.