Metal Fabrication

MS Fabrication

We do custom fabrication as per customer design drawings in Mild Steel of different grades. We can handle from 0.5mm thick sheets to 20mm thick plates.As we have a wide range of machinery from laser cutting punching, bending welding deep draw of components all in house we can fabricate the components as per your drawings.


SS Fabrication

We do Stainless Steel Fabrication of different grades (SS 304,301,202,321,. etc). We can fabricate Stainless Steel components as per customer design drawing using Laser cutting, Punching, Bending, TIG Welding. (EWM Series 400 Amps). We also do Passivization process for Stainless Steel Fabrication.


Alluminium Fabrication

Lot of fabrication can be done in aluminium because of their light weight property and non corrosive nature. We fabricate aluminium components from 1mm thick to 10mm thick. TIG welding and heat treatment process for different grades of aluminium is also carried out to achieve the desired shape in aluminium fabrication.